About Provast

Globalisation on the one hand, individualisation on the other. Modern technologies crossing space and time. New ways of working and an economy that never stops. The dividing line between living, working, shopping and relaxation is ever-fading. This is an era with new demands for inner-city spatial planning. Multifunctional areas have become the standard for innovative, creative, sustainable project development. And that is what Provast believes in. Always aiming to work with a combination of future-oriented concepts and investors who are willing to commit to them long-term. Precisely that is what will determine the quality of our cities in the future.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship is natural to Provast. Integrity and reliability are central to everything we do. Provast is a member of NEPROM.


mr. Arno van der Voort MRE
ir. Hans de Jong MRE
drs. Martijn Dirks
ing. Anton Koomen MRE MRICS
ir. Boudewijn Hellingman