Park Veursehout

Unity in diversity is what distinguishes Park Veursehout, located on former sports complex ‘De Heuvel’, near the Leidsenhage shopping centre. Park Veursehout is the first residential area that lives and breathes the classical architectural style from the 1930s, with which Provast has set a trend. Covering 16 hectares and comprising 700 homes, the area is reminiscent of the famous areas of The Hague, such as Marlot, Vogelwijk and Benoordenhout. It is divided into smaller apartment buildings, terraced houses and semi-detached houses. The public spaces have been meticulously designed to complement the area.

Architect: Ellerman-Lucas van Vugt

Constructor: Schouten, Heijmans, VORM, Panagro, KWS Infra, W. Gleijm B.V.

Status: Completed