Grotiusplaats finally has a purpose. A total of 655 rental apartments will feature in two residential towers, of which 114 are social housing. With heights of 120 and 100 meters, both towers will make a real contribution to the ‘Haagse’ skyline. This sustainable building will feature facades of natural stone and wood. It will also feature a transparent commercial ground level incorporating, amongst other things, hospitality functions, services and an underground parking garage.

Grotius I and II also form the starting point for the complete make-over of the area to the East of Central Station, covering part of the Utrechtsebaan and the continuation of the pedestrian route towards Bezuidenhout.

It is expected that Provast will begin construction of the housing and parking garage in 2018, after which the municipality will start work on the covering of the Utrechtsebaan in 2019. In 2020, a new outdoor space will then be created after completion of the houses.

Architect: MVRDV

Constructor:  J.P. van Eesteren

Status:  Development phase