The new office building occupies a strategic position within the new Beukenhorst development. The design blends both characters of the building; robustness and green warmth. Together they create a building that promotes a high quality of life. Moving around and meeting people are central elements of the design. This concept is made tangible and visible by the addition of stairs and gardens – both on the inside and the outside. Moving through the buildings not only promotes health, it stimulates convention and informal knowledge sharing. A smarter building has literally been created.

The building stands on a semi-subterranean parking garage surrounded by inviting staircases, while green gardens line the deck. On Taurusavenue, a canal separates car traffic from the cycle lane and footpath, which leads to a public transport hub and bicycle bridge over the A4.

WELL is a new measure which uses human comfort and health as its central focus. It comprises seven sections (Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind). Credits are awarded in each category and in that sense, this standard is comparable to BREEAM. We see WELL as a good complement to BREEAM, as it adds softer (yet equally important) values like movement, care and relaxation, to more measurable ones like daylight or ventilation.

Architect: Paul de Ruiter Architects

Constructor:  as-yet-unknown

Status:  Schematic Design Phase